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3 Ways in Which Technology Will Help You Create a Remarkable Employee Experience

Posted by Aki Kakko on Jan 2, 2017 8:47:14 PM


If you have read our previous post, “The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Remarkable Employee Experience,” then you already know that the rules of the workplace have changed. Employers are no longer in charge–the employees are. However, you still have a lot of power. You have got the power to create a unique employee experience and to turn your organization into a workplace that your people will love coming to.

A little reminder of what employee experience is

Before we dive deeper into the topic, let me remind you what employee experience is: “The sum of all experiences an employee has with an employer, over the duration of their relationship with that employer.” It’s a combination of 3 elements: physical space, organizational culture, and technology. Have a look at the employee experience model created by the one and only Jacob Morgan.


While most companies view employee experience through the prism of physical space, it is the technological aspect that has a really big impact on employee experience. Don’t get me wrong; all 3 elements mentioned above are important, but technology is the least appreciated one and that’s what we will focus on in this article.

You don’t have to invest millions of dollars (unless you want to) in a fancy office space with snooker tables, unlimited free coffee, and hammocks to create a great employee experience. You can invest in technology instead.

How does technology impact employee experience?

Are you wondering how technology can impact employee experience?

Well, there are at least 3 ways:

1.It supports new ways of working.

The 9-5 work model is nearly dead. By 2020, 50% of American workers will work remotely. Thanks to technology, you can allow your employees to work whenever they want and wherever they want. They don’t have to be stuck in the office if they don’t want to; by investing in an enterprise social network for example, you can stay connected and informed. 64% of employees say they would go for a lower paying job if they were allowed to work remotely.

Technology improves social collaboration, which has a great impact on employee experience. These days, employees want to be able to effectively collaborate with each other. They also want to have an impact on their company’s life. Social technology offers that.



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