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Rules of HR by Judit Radnai-Toth

Posted by Aki Kakko on Jan 2, 2017 9:54:40 PM

Judit Radnai-Toth, Founder at Talentbrand: "Employer branding is not a beanbag in your office; it's the magic trick that makes the talent you are seeking knock on your door".

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Rules of HR by Olga Filatova

Posted by Aki Kakko on Jan 2, 2017 9:49:30 PM

Olga Filatova, Managing Director, HR business Sector at Sevengroup: "There is no such thing as "It will not work in this country", "It will not in our company" or "It will not work in our culture". Everything is doable; you just need to get to the bottom of the issue and find the best method to addess it".

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#HRUHelsinki – Technology

Posted by Aki Kakko on Jan 2, 2017 9:36:40 PM

HR Unconference #HRUHelsinki – Technology took place in Finland on May 12th and marked the the 5th #HRU event. Sponsored by progressive HR industry leaders from EPI – USE, Duunitori, Sympaand Candarine, more than one hundred and twenty participants and twenty-one track leaders shared their experiences and practical knowledge about HR and Recruitment Technologies.

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#HRUBratislava – Employee Engagement

Posted by Aki Kakko on Jan 2, 2017 9:23:48 PM

#HRUBratislava : Ako naštartovať angažovanosť zamestnancov?

Videli ste v poslednej dobe vašich zamestnancov urobiť niečo nad rámec svojich povinností? Pristupujú k firme, akoby bola ich vlastná? Ak ste si odpovedali NIE, mali by ste sa zamerať na zvýšenie angažovanosti svojich zamestnancov. Ako vytvoriť podmienky, v ktorých zamestnanci prinášajú do firmy viac svojho potenciálu a schopností, predstavila medzinárodná nekonferencia #HRUBratislava, ktorá sa konala 13. apríla 2016 v konferenčnom centre spoločnosti KPMG.

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Rules of HR by Radek Swieton

Posted by Aki Kakko on Jan 2, 2017 9:13:59 PM

Radek Swieton, a Senior TA Manager Central & Western EU at EPAM: "Competition in Krakow is severe and crawling".

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Why Every Chief Human Resource Officer Should Become Chief Employee Experience Officer

Posted by Aki Kakko on Jan 2, 2017 9:06:06 PM

Everyone realizes the importance of good customer service. You do too, don’t you? Providing outstanding customer service is a great way to differentiate your business. While products are easy to copy (especially in today’s highly commoditized world), customer service still isn’t.
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Rules of HR by Varun Bhatia

Posted by Aki Kakko on Jan 2, 2017 9:01:17 PM

Varun Bhatia, a President at Growth Outcomes: "I invest in HR tech because HR needs to change from being an order-taker to being an agenda-shaper".

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3 Ways in Which Technology Will Help You Create a Remarkable Employee Experience

Posted by Aki Kakko on Jan 2, 2017 8:47:14 PM

If you have read our previous post, “The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Remarkable Employee Experience,” then you already know that the rules of the workplace have changed. Employers are no longer in charge–the employees are. However, you still have a lot of power. You have got the power to create a unique employee experience and to turn your organization into a workplace that your people will love coming to.

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Rules of HR by Lance J. Richards

Posted by Aki Kakko on Jan 2, 2017 8:37:20 PM

Lance J. Richards, a Director of Human Resources at Town of Avon: "For me, the future of HR is in the hands of some very very sharp young professionals, I am grateful for that."

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