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Rules of HR by Radek Swieton

Posted by Aki Kakko on Jan 2, 2017 9:13:59 PM


Radek Swieton, a Senior TA Manager Central & Western EU at EPAM: "Competition in Krakow is severe and crawling".


Recruitment as a function in most companies in Poland is often part of the HR department and it focuses on Administration, Recruitment and line HR engagements. At EPAM, we have a separate function focusing on Talent Acquisition in its true meaning which aligns closely with Business and Delivery functions. We enable a direct impact on revenue and organizational growth.

I believe TA teams’ marketing makes a bit more sense today than employer brand because, in simple terms, who better to communicate what the brand of a company emulates? I believe the employees are the best advocates. There are certain functions within a global organization which are outward-facing, such as Marketing, Sales, and Business Development and Talent Acquisition. The recruiter’s profiles are one of the best channels to push outward positive communication and stimulus to build a powerful employer brand image; it’s more like network marketing and word-of-mouth reach.

My most successful placement was as Country Manager for one of our emerging delivery centres in Central and Eastern Europe. 

RPO is a good academy for corporate TA to grow talent by building fundamental recruitment skill sets. 

I hate stagnation and I always need to be in the thick of the action.

Competition in Krakow is severe and crawling.

HR technology will allow industries to solve problems of reach and scale.

International TA is doable and nowadays a must as the world is shrinking due to technology and the shortage of highly-skilled resources.

Budgeting is like a policeman who brings order to a crowd.

EPAM’s sources are all about leveraging technology.

I am thinking of recruitment marketplaces in some locations as we are constantly considering growth and expansion.

We don’t rely on video interviews as this concept is still not being well perceived by candidates.

HR technology will not replace people as the human touch is the factor that adds value to the recruitment process.

Centralization of international knowledge in HR is crucial for organizations to make operational as well as strategic decisions.

I would outsource hiring to 3rd party consultants in case of any unexpected peak in demand or a lack of capability to deliver it internally.

In-house TA is different from agency in levels of stress :) as well as the ability to position employer value proposition.

When I first came to Gdansk to do hiring, I thought that this was a much better market compared to Krakow from a candidate talent pool perspective.

The major achievement in my TA career is building the EU TA function from scratch and scaling it to the level of one of the strongest teams in EPAM which is now able to service EPAM’s most important market.

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